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Tywi Valley, Myddfai and Black Mountain - Historic Landscape Characterisation

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Base maps reproduced from the OS map with the permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of The Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office, © Crown Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown Copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Licence Number: GD272221

Map a atgynhyrchwyd o fap yr OS gyda chaniatad yr Arolwg Ordnans ar ran Rheolwr Llyfrfa Ei Mawrhydi, © Hawlfraint y Goron 2001. Cedwir pob hawl. Byddai ei atgynhyrchu heb ganiatad yn torri Hawlfraint y Goron a gall hynny arwain at erlyniad neu achos sifil. Rhif y drwydded: GD272221

197 Trap character area consists of enclosed land of small irregular enclosures and pockets of larger regular enclosures. The settlement pattern is of dispersed houses and farms with a cluster of 19th century and modern dwellings at Trap.

198 Upper Cennen character area lies in the upper Cennen valley which has heavily wooded steep slopes, and enclosed land with dispersed farms on flatter land.

199 Beddau y Derwyddon character area is a small area of rough and improved pasture surrounded by a dry-stone wall separating unenclosed moorland from lower lying enclosed and settled land.

200 Dafadfa character area is situated on gentle north-facing slopes and consists or improved pasture divided into fairly regular medium-sized fields. The settlement pattern is one of widely dispersed farms. Farmhouses and outbuildings are mostly 19th century in date and stone-built.


211 Blaensawdde character area lies in the upper Sawdde valley at the foot of the Black Mountain. It consists of large dispersed farms, small- to medium-sized fields and woodland. Farmhouses mostly date to the 18th- and 19th-century and are associated with a wide range of outbuildings.


228 Cilgwyn-Llwynwormwood character area contains several former estates. Some of the mansions survive, but the main influence on the historic character by the estates was the creation of a 'parkland' landscape.

Cilgwyn - Llwynwormwood

229 Rhiwiau character area lies across a ridge. Though formerly enclosed, many of the old banks and hedges are now derelict and the landscape has an open appearance. There are no settlements.


230 Pen Arthur Plantation character area lies across a high ridge and the valley sides of the Afon Sawdde. It comprises of 20th century forestry which has been planted over former fields. Dwellings survive in small clearings in the plantation.

Pen Arthur Plantation

231 Trichrug character area lies across a ridge which rises out of an area of rich farmland. Though formerly enclosed, many of the hedges and dry-stone wall boundaries have broken down and the area is now a patchwork of improved pasture, rough grazing, moorland and conifer plantations


232 Myddfai character lies in an open valley and consists of dispersed farms and fairly regular fields of pasture. The village of Myddfai with its medieval church provides a focus for the area.


233 Llanddeusant-Capel Gwynfe character area consists of rolling enclosed farmland, dispersed farms and scattered deciduous woodland which fringes open moorland of the Black Mountain.


234 Cefntelych character area lies across a low ridge and consists of improved pasture which has been divided into large fields. Hedges to the fields are now mostly derelict, giving an unenclosed appearance to the landscape.


235 Maes-gwastad character area lies across the valley bottom of the Afon Brān and comprises of large fields of improved pasture which are divided by well-kept hedges, dispersed farms, but very little woodland or trees.


236 Pentregronw character area lies on steep southwest-facing slopes on the edge of the Black Mountain. Though formerly enclosed by dry-stone walls and banks, this area is rapidly reverting to moorland. A deserted farmstead is situated here.


237 Allt y Ferdre character area lies across hills and very steep valley sides. It is entirely composed of woodland, both old deciduous and 20th century conifer plantations.

Allt y Ferdre

238 Glasfynydd Forest - Usk Reservoir character area consists of a large 20th century conifer plantation and a 20th century reservoir. Both were established over what was mainly unenclosed moorland

Usk Reservoir

239 Banc Wernwgan - Foel Fraith Quarries character area occupies the northern edge of the Black Mountain. The land is unenclosed moorland. The remains of the limestone quarrying industry are obvious elements of the historic landscape.

Banc Wernwgan

240 The Black Mountain - Y Mynydd Ddu character area is entirely open moorland. It includes the summits of Bannau Sir Gar/Fan Brycheiniog at over 800m, but it mostly consists of rough grazing and blanket peats between 250m and 600m.

The Black Mountain

254 Cilmaenllwyd character area consists of dispersed farms and cottages, and fairly regular fields of improved pasture. Boundaries comprise banks and hedges. Farmhouses and other buildings mostly date to the 19th century.


255 Blaen Cennen character area lies on the northern fringe of the Black Mountain and consists of dispersed farms and pasture fields.

Blaen Cennen

256 Carreg Cennen Castle character area comprises of a craggy limestone hill on the summit of which is located the substantial remains of a medieval castle.

Carreg Cennen Castle

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