Educational Resources

Following on from DAT's programme of engagement with local schools the project has produced an education resource (available in both English and Welsh) designed to help teachers and home educators use the Black Mountain Quarries as an inspiring location and subject for a range of different learning topics.



The education resource was developed by a qualified teacher to work with Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, with as many links to the curriculum as possible.

The bilingual resources produced include the subjects History, Art, Geography, Science and English, and also offer opportunities for field trips to the Black Mountain with maps and risk assessment information. Each subject has four lesson plans with worksheets and PowerPoint presentations with extension work for the more able and talented and adapted work for pupils with additional leaning needs. Whilst the resources are aimed at later KS2 and KS3 – they can easily converted to suit individual needs.

“The way the visit was organised immediately captured the children's interest. They asked questions and were allowed to discover things for themselves…A most worthwhile and enjoyable experience for pupils and staff. Pupils gained much from it; knowledge and understanding improved and a vast range of skills were developed. Excellent .”
(Tycroes School teacher)


The resources below are in Adobe PDF format.
There is also a Powerpoint presentation for most of the units.









There are several other resources relating to the Black Mountain lime industry that can be accessed through the Dyfed Archaeology Website or by visiting the Regional Historic Environment Record at our offices in Llandeilo.

•  Click here for a PDF document showing some of the Schools visits we made in 2013.

•  Click here to read research about the Rebecca Riots.

•  Click here to read research into the census returns for limeworkers undertaken by a Calch Project volunteer.

•  Click here to read the report on a community excavation of two early lime kilns on the Black Mountain.