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Newport and Carningli Historic Landscape Characterisation

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Base maps reproduced from the OS map with the permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of The Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office, Crown Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown Copyright and may ead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Licence Number: GD272221

Carningli is a historic landscape character area of open moorland crossed by occasional old boundary banks and walls. Carningli hillfort dominates this landscape, and there are numerous smaller related monuments as well as bronze age burial mounds and other ritual and funerary monuments.


Lying on the north-facing slopes below Mynydd Carningli, Y Garn – Parke is characterised by a relatively dense scatter of cottages, houses and small agricultural holdings set within small fields bounded by stone-faced banks and dry-stone walls. At higher levels pasture is reverting to moorland.

Y Garn – Parke

Lying on the southern shore of the Nevern estuary, the small town of Newport is strongly characterised by numerous stone-built 19th century houses. It is an Anglo-Norman foundation, and the medieval church and medieval castle are still strong townscape components.


Holmhouse – Tycanol is an agricultural historic landscape character area consisting of relatively large farms set within large, regular fields bounded by stone-faced banks topped with well maintained hedges. Buildings are stone-built and mainly 19th century in date.

Holmhouse – Tycanol

Lying on the north Pembrokeshire coastal plain, Bryn-henllan historic landscape character area is a combination of hamlets, small farms and fields. The hamlets of 19th century stone-built houses are now connected by modern housing development. Farms are relatively small, and fields are small and irregular and bounded by banks topped with hedges.


Mynydd Melyn is a small upland historic landscape character area that in the past has been divided into large enclosures by stone-faced banks and dry-stone walls, although these are now redundant and wire fences provide stock proof boundaries. Land-use is a mixture of improved pasture and heather moorland.

Mynydd Melyn

Newport to Dinas Island Coastal Strip consists of high, hard rock sea cliffs and a very narrow band of cliff top through which the Pembrokeshire Coast Path runs. Old quarries testify to the fomer importance of slate extraction.

Newport to Dinas Island Coastal Strip

Consisting of tidal mud flats, reed beds, marsh and scrubby woodland edging the water, the Nevern Estuary historic landscape character area contains few built elements apart from Newport Bridge, an old limekiln and the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Nevern Estuary

Ffordd Cilgwyn historic landscape character area consists of small farms and houses. Buildings are almost entirely 19th century in date and stone-built. Fields are small and regular and are surrounded by stone-faced banks topped with hedges.

Ffordd Cilgwyn





Project contact: Ken Murphy