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Historic Background
Apart from a number of fields that lie within the perimeter fence, this historic landscape character area comprises an oil refinery. It lies within the parishes of Herbrandston and Robeston West. Most of the present farms and landholdings can be identified with medieval manors. These manors were subject to a complex process of division and sub-infeudation following the break-up of the Earldom of Pembroke in 1247. The north half of the area lay within the medieval Manor of Robeston, a member of the Lordship of Haverford which was probably not established until the 14th century. Extending into the west of the area, Rickeston comprised ¼ of a knight’s fee, held directly of the Earls of Pembroke as their share of the lordship. The southern part of the area represented the Barony of Walwyn’s Castle’s share of Herbrandston, which comprised 2 ¾ carucates held of the barony ‘by homage’. However, the various ownerships did not appear to be reflected in any different tenurial arrangements, as a homogenous pattern of enclosure resulted. Prior to the construction of the refinery the area consisted of an agricultural landscape of regularly shaped fields. According to late estate maps these fields changed little between the late 18th century and the construction of the refinery. Refinery construction began in 1971 and it was opened in 1973.

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Description and essential historic landscape components
This historic landscape character area consists entirely of an oil refinery and its infrastructure, such as access roads and railway. It is an extremely well defined area and contrasts sharply with surrounding farmland.

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