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Historic Background
A character area that lies near the western tip of the south Pembrokeshire peninsula consisting of the restored remains of Angle airfield. It lies within the parish of Angle, which is probably coterminous with the medieval Manor of Angle. The manor was a mesne lordship of the Lordship of Pembroke representing 2 knights’ fees. It formed part of the de Clare share of the Lordship of Pembroke when it was partitioned in 1247, but in matters of administration remained subject to Pembroke. The 14th century manor comprised 2½ carucates of land. By 1613 it was in the hands of the Earl of Essex. Ultimately Angle came to lie within the extensive Cawdor Estate under the Campbells of Castlemartin manor. In 1805, the estate was acquired by John Mirehouse of Brownslade. Prior to the airfield opening in 1942 the landscape consisted of fields. To the north these fields comprised enclosed strips of the former open field system of Angle village. To the south the fields were large and regular, belonging to North Studdock and Hubberton, both of which were post-medieval farms partly established over the former open fields, but possibly partly comprising new enclosure. Fighter aircraft were deployed at Angle for the protection of Atlantic conveys on their final leg of the journey from America. Aircraft also performed ground attacks and strikes on shipping in and around the coast of northern France. Because of its relative remoteness the airfield became a training and research and development centre. The Coastal Command Development Unit was based at Angle and Dale airfields. Angle airfield closed within five years of the end of World War 2.

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Description and essential historic landscape components
This historic landscape character area consists of farmland reclaimed from the World War 2 Angle airfield. All the airfield buildings within this area have been demolished (some World War 2 buildings are utilised as farm buildings in the neighbouring area) and apart from small sections the concrete runways and roads removed. The land has been restored to pasture and is divided by banks and wire fences.

Restoration of the land has blurred the boundary between the airfield and the surrounding farmland, although the nature of the restoration enables the position of the former airfield to be located.

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