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General Enquiries 01558 823121



Trust Director
Ken Murphy BA MCIfA
Direct Number 01558 825991 • Email

Office Manager
Judith Holland
Direct Number 01558 825992 • Email

Administrative Assistant
Emma Jones
Direct Number 01558 825990 • Email


Heritage Management

Archaeological Planning Manager
Mike Ings BA Hons MCIfA
Direct Number 01558 825987 • Email

Archaeological Planning Officer
Zoe Bevans Rice MA
Direct Number 01558 825983 • Email

Historic Environment Record Manager
Felicity Sage BA
Direct Number 01558 825994  • Email

Heritage Management Project Manager
Alice Pyper MA
Direct Number 01558 825993 • Email

Assistant Heritage Management Archaeologist
Jenna Smith BA Hons MSc
Direct Number 01558 825995 • Email

Community Archaeologist
Sarah Rees BA
Direct Number 01558 825999 • Email


DAT Archaeological Services

Head of DAT Archaeological Services
Fran Murphy BTech
Direct Number 01558 825986 • Email

DAT Archaeological Services Assistant Project Manager
Phil Poucher BA MCIfA 
Direct Number 01558 825981• Email

DAT Archaeological Services Archaeologist
Charlie Enright
Direct Number 01558 825981 • Email

DAT Archaeological Services Surveyor and Illustrator
Hubert Wilson
Direct Number 01558 825984 • Email




Dr J L Davies BA FISA

Mr C J Delaney BSc

Ms J Protheroe-Jones (Chair)

Mr N Wheeler

Mrs H James

Dr A Caseldine

Mr N Clubb

Ms J Wainwright

Mr H John


The Trust has a Management Committee that is a delegated committee of the Board of Trustees.




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