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Pont Twrch, Pumsaint, Carmarthenshire 2003

During 2002-03, improvements to the A482 between Llanwrda and Lampeter required the construction of a new bridge at Pont Twrch, Pumsaint. As the site lay on or close to a possible Roman bridging point of the Twrch, and as the old bridge dating to 1822 was scheduled for demolition, Carmarthenshire County Council commissioned Dyfed Archaeological Trust to undertake a programme of archaeological work. This included a watching brief during construction and the recording of the old bridge prior to its demolition. Recording of minor historic landscape components destroyed or damaged during construction was also undertaken. No evidence for a Roman bridge or for a bridge pre-dating the 1822 bridge was discovered. The old bridge was fully recorded. The results of this have been reported on.

Murphy K 2003 Pont Twrch: The A482 Llanwrda to Lampeter Improvement Scheme – Archaeological Recording and Watching Brief, Dyfed Archaeological Trust
Report No. 2003/75


Project contact: Ken Murphy




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