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Pembrokeshire Coal Mines

The Pembrokeshire coal mining industry did not achieve the massive levels of exploitation seen in south-east Wales. It was largely rural in character, and by the early nineteenth century it was in decline; the last colliery closed with Nationalisation in 1947. Nevertheless it was a significant industry, and because of its rural character and relatively early decline eighteenth century and earlier mining features survive better than elsewhere in the country.

Although there are several good histories of the Pembrokeshire coal mining industry, there is no comprehensive record of its physical remains. Indeed the coal mining industry is very poorly represented on the regional Historic Environment Record (HER). This project, beginning in 2013, aims to address this issue. Documentary research followed up by fieldwork will add numerous records to the HER.

The top of a shallow coal mine shaft in woodland near Jeffreyston

Old coal mines south of Haverfordwest shown on the Ordnance Survey First Edition 1:2500 map


Pembrokeshire Coal Mines Interim Report 2013-14 (in PDF format - opens in a new window)





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