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Pembroke Castle Geophysical Survey 2016


The Castle Studies Trust provided funding for a geophysical survey using three different techniques within Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire (NGR SM 9815 0165).  Pembroke Castle is a scheduled monument. 

Permission for the survey was granted by Pembroke Castle Trust and Cadw.

The project was managed by Dyfed Archaeological Trust, who undertake the gradiometer survey. The resistivity survey was carried out by Tim Southern and the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) survey by Tim Fletcher (TF Industries Ltd).

The survey targeted the Outer Ward of the castle and a part of the Inner Ward.

The interpreted results were discussed by Neil Ludlow, who developed the project with DAT, feeding into his ongoing research on the castle.

The general aim of the survey was to assess and characterise the surviving below-ground potential of the castle, and its layout when both wards show strong evidence of having a number of masonry buildings.

Of interest was the fact that the Outer Ward of the Castle appears to have been relatively empty of buildings and structures, except for one large winged house, probably associated with Jasper Tudor.


Gradiometer survey at Pembroke Castle

GPR survey over the ‘The Great Map' within the Outer Ward

Resistivity survey at Pembroke Castle


The work and the project page were grant funded by the Castle Studies Trust -




Pembroke Castle website


The Geophysical Survey Results can be downloaded here.




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