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Llandeilo Roman Fort, Carmarthenshire 2003-04

A geophysical survey, undertaken for Dyfed Archaeological Trust by Stratascan Ltd within Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo in February and March 2003, revealed clear evidence for a Roman fort immediately to the south of Home Farm. The work was undertaken on behalf of the National Trust who are preparing a conservation plan for Dinefwr Park. The fort defences include several banks and ditches and they enclose an internal area of 1.54 hectares. The survey produced evidence for external activity alongside roads leading to the fort from the northeast and southeast. A further structure 230m to the northwest may also be related to the fort and could be a bathhouse. The results of the survey strongly suggest that the fort is superimposed over an earlier, larger fort with a slightly different alignment. The full extent of this earlier fort is currently uncertain and it may extend beyond the areas covered by the geophysical survey. The presence of a fort in Llandeilo has long been suspected and previous finds of pottery and coinage has strongly indicated that the area of Home Farm was the most likely location.


Llandeilo Roman Fort Report 2003-07 (in PDF format - opens in a new window)

Dig Diary for the 2005 excavation

Llandeilo Fort Newsletter July 2006 (in PDF format - opens in a new window)

Project Contact: Ken Murphy


Hughes G 2003 A Roman fort at Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo: a commentary on a geophysical survey by Stratascan, Dyfed Archaeological Trust
Report No.2003/49.

Hughes G 2003 ‘A Roman Fort at Dinefwr Park, Llandeilo’, Carmarthenshire Antiquary 39, 144-146.


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