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Cwm Meudwy, Llandysul, Ceredigion 2003

Photograph copyright of the Welsh Development Agency

Excavation on two sites during the construction of a new business park at Llandysul, Ceredigion, revealed important prehistoric remains. The first site discovered consisted of three ring-ditches. These are considered to be the remains of Bronze Age burial mounds, although no skeletal remains or artefacts were found. The second site lay a few hundred metres down-slope and comprised a settlement surrounded by a palisade. The remains were slight consisting of shallow post-holes, pits, trenches and pottery thought to date to the first centuries BC-AD. They are nevertheless important, as it is the first discovery of an undefended Iron Age settlement in southwest Wales. Analysis of the information recovered is currently underway. This includes palaeoenvironmental examination of charred seeds and charcoal, detailed investigation of the pottery and radiometric determination of several charcoal samples.


Project contact: Ken Murphy




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