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Carmarthen Town Survey 2004

This project brings together the current understanding of the historical development of Carmarthen and it was jointly funded by Carmarthenshire County Council and Cadw. The project’s overall objective was to provide a framework for sustainable development within the town’s historic environment and in particular to help secure the future preservation of irreplaceable archaeological evidence.

An initial overview was completed by Terry and Heather James during 2003/2004 year. The project has now produced a detailed statement of the physical form of the town from Roman times, showing how archaeology has helped advance our knowledge.

A range of sources/databases were consulted in order to gather information on the historical development of Carmarthen, the archaeological sites and historic structures located within its boundaries, statutory and non-statutory designations, and proposed development areas.

Of particular importance were the cartographic sources such as the historic maps of Speed 1610, Lewis 1786, Wood 1834 and the Ordnance Survey. These were digitised where necessary and a variety of information captured. This included roads, field and plot boundaries, commercial premises, churches and chapels, industrial premises, areas of domestic dwellings, etc. Listed building and Scheduled Ancient Monument areas were also digitised along with HER records, where sufficient area information was available.

The study has resulted in an enhanced HER database for Carmarthen. This has included the consolidation of existing HER data assessing, validating and enhancing the 680 previously existing records. In addition a further 153 additional records have been created. Separate GIS layers have also been created to record other information relating to the historic environment including historic settlement phases; historic topography (plan-form, street pattern, etc), statutory and non-statutory designations; urban historic character areas and planning guidance recommendations. 54 historic character areas have been defined and described providing details of the history and development processes which have taken place in specific areas of the town as well as providing an indication of where important above and below ground evidence for the history of the town still survives.

Derived from the 'Urban Historic Character Areas', Planning Advice Zones have been defined. These are intended for everyday use by planning officers to provide information and support, particularly during discussions relating to pre-planning applications with potential developers.

Urban Historic Character Areas within part of the Roman town defences.

Urban Historic Character Areas within part of the Roman town defences.

Mapped Urban Development in Carmarthen


Project Contact : Louise Austin



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