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Capel Erbach

Capel Erbach is recorded as a 13th century “well-chapel” and its rather precarious condition was brought to the attention of Dyfed Archaeological Trust during a scoping study of medieval and early post-medieval churches in southwest Wales. Located near to the village of Porthyrhyd in Carmarthenshire, all that remains of the chapel is a roofless shell.

Cadw provided grant funding to allow Dyfed Archaeological Trust to record the upstanding remains of Capel Erbach so that an archive record of the site could be created and inform future programmes of restoration.

Aided by volunteers Dyfed Archaeological Trust has produced a written, photographic (including photogrammetry) and drawn record of the chapel remains.

The stability of the chapel is under threat and efforts have been made by the current owner to provide at least short term remedies but encroaching vegetation and inclement weather is likely to cause further damage at, perhaps, an alarming rate.


Capel Erbach Building Recording Survey 2019



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