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A desk-top assessment was carried out and subsequently an archaeological watching brief was maintained on behalf of Transco, by Dyfed Archaeological Trust, on a new gas pipeline across south Carmarthenshire. Information collected during the desk-top assessment enabled the pipeline designers to avoid all known archaeological sites, and the watching brief was maintained in order to record unavoidable historic landscape elements such as boundary banks, and to examine the course of the pipeline for sites revealed during construction. Three important and previously unknown sites were discovered; a ring ditch and two burnt mounds. The ring ditch was probably the remains of a Bronze Age burial site, although the burial itself would have lain outside the confines of the pipeline wayleave. The burnt mounds were radiocarbon dated to the Bronze Age. These sites are considered to be cooking places, and one of the few pieces of evidence we have for Bronze Age settlement, although their function is still a matter of debate.





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