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St Gunlet's Chapel, Frondeg Terrace, Llanelli - Medieval Chapel and Cemetery 2007

A Medieval chapel and cemetery discovered at Llanelli

As part of the planning process, an evaluation on behalf of Chelmor Properties Ltd on a site at Frondeg Terrace, Llanelli, considered to the location of a medieval chapel dedicated to St. Gunlet or St Gwynllyw, revealed numerous closely-packed burials. Stone foundations discovered during the excavation are probably part of the chapel. Some of the burials were just a few centimetres below the ground surface, but unusually for west Wales bone preservation was very good. No artefacts were found. However, four radiocarbon dates indicate use of the cemetery between the 12th and 15th centuries AD. The site of the cemetery and chapel will be preserved as an open space within a new development.

Evaluation Report for Frondeg Terrace (in PDF format - opens in a new window)


Contact: Phil Poucher



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