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Based in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Dyfed Archaeological Trust is the marketing name of the Dyfed Archaeological Trust, an independent organisation dedicated to the effective protection, investigation, recording and promotion of the historic environment. Whilst retaining a strong regional commitment, Dyfed Archaeological Trust offers professional services over a wide area, both within Wales and beyond. Dyfed Archaeological Trust was established in 1975 as part of a comprehensive network of four archaeological organisations covering the whole of Wales. It is constituted as a Private Limited Company and as a Registered Charity. Its membership provides a source of wide-ranging academic and professional expertise in archaeology and related fields.

Dyfed Archaeological Trust is an Institute of Field Archaeologists Registered Archaeological Organisation.

Organised into three main operating divisions: DAT Archaeological Services, Heritage Management and Central Services, Dyfed Archaeological Trust has a highly motivated professional workforce with a wide range of in-house skills and experience. This is complemented by long-established contacts and partnerships with external specialists and specialist organisations enabling Dyfed Archaeological Trust to offer extensive consultancy and implementation services.

DAT Archaeological Services has investigated sites, complexes and landscapes of all periods from the prehistoric to the 20th century. It operates in a wide range of environments – upland, lowland, urban, wetland, coastal and intertidal. DAT Archaeological Services undertakes large and small excavation projects and it has extensive experience in the survey and recording of buried remains, earthworks, standing buildings and other structures, and it has also undertaken numerous desk-top assessments, historical research projects and historic landscape characterisation programmes. DAT Archaeological Services frequently manages larger scale projects in partnership or association with other organisations. It has the ability to respond quickly and effectively to a variety of development demands: large scale commercial developments, major and minor road schemes, single or multiple housing schemes, afforestation, agricultural improvements, pipe laying and service developments, land reclamation schemes, and urban and rural regeneration projects.

The Heritage Management section maintains the regional Historic Environment Record for south west Wales and, as a partner in the Extended National Database, provides an access point to a comprehensive index of sites and monuments throughout Wales. It also provides extensive information, research services and regional curatorial advice for a wide variety of users and has long established working relationships with national heritage agencies. This includes the provision of information and advice to the local planning authorities and other statutory authorities, agencies and private developers on the implications of development on the historic environment, and on the formulation of strategic policies and plans. Advice is also provided within broader schemes such as the Tir Gofal agri-environment scheme. Heritage Management have a growing outreach programme including the development of new and innovative methods of working with local communities to develop the potential of their historic environment.

A heritage interpretation and promotion package is provided within Central Services, including on-site interpretation panels, leaflets and guides, heritage trails, exhibitions and the incorporation of heritage elements in modern developments. Dyfed Archaeological Trust’s experienced research staff ensures accuracy and integrity for public interpretation, whilst its design and illustration staff uses modern technology to produce high-quality design, artwork, technical drawings and reconstructions.




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