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The date range of each time period


Approximate Date



c.800,000 – 35,000 BC


c.800,000 – 12,000 BC


c. 12,000 – 4400 BC


c.4400 – 2300 BC

Bronze Age

c.2300 – 700 BC

Iron Age

c.700 BC – AD 43

Roman (Romano-British) Period

AD 43 – c. AD 410


Post-Roman / Early Medieval Period

c. AD 410 – AD 1066

Medieval Period

1066 – 1536

Post-Medieval Period

1536 – 1750

Industrial Period

1750 – 1899


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The great time span of the ‘Old Stone Age’

Neanderthal Boy – 40,000 years ago

Palaeolithic Girl – 25,000 years ago

Mesolithic Twins – 9,000 years ago

Neolithic Boy – 5,500 years ago

Bronze Age Boy – 4,000 years ago

Iron Age Girl – 2,500 years ago

Roman Boy – AD 250

Medieval Girl – AD 1350

Industrial Revolution Girl – AD 1860


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