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An important function of the Welsh Archaeological Trusts is to provide local planning authorities and others engaged in development and land-use change, in both the private and public sectors, with a uniform development control service across the whole of Wales. Dyfed Archaeological Trust's Planning Service utilises information in the Regional Historic Environment Record and the specialist knowledge and expertise available within the Trust to scrutinise and comment on all planning applications that might adversely affect the historic environment. Local planning authorities use the advice from Dyfed Archaeological Trust to assess the potential impact of development on the heritage, thus trying to ensure that damage is kept to a minimum.

Further information and guidance on dealing with archaeology in the planning process is contained in Planning Policy Wales (2016) Chapter 6: The Historic Environment and Technical Advice Note (TAN) 24: The Historic Environment. More detailed information on process can be found in PCNPA Supplementary Planning Guidance - Historic Environment (Archaeology)

The Welsh Archaeological Trusts - Code of Practice for provision of archaeological advice (pdf)

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National Standard for Archaeological Archives in Wales

The National Standard and Guidance to Best Practice for Collecting and Depositing Archaeological Archives in Wales comprises a suite of documents which aim to make archaeological data, information and knowledge available, stable, consistent and accessible for present and future generations. The Standard for Archaeological Archiving in Wales consists of a set of high-level principles. It represents the standard for archaeological archiving that must be met by an archaeologist or organisation undertaking any form of archaeological work that results in an archive.

The Standard can be downloaded from:



Registered Historic Landscapes and the Planning Process

Guide to Good Practice (Adobe Acrobat file 1.1Mb) - Guide to good practice on using the Register of Landscapes of Historic Interest in Wales, in the planning and development process.

Good Practice Assessment Forms (Adobe Acrobat file 44Kb)


For further information and advice regarding the Planning Process and the historic environment please contact Dyfed Archaeological Trust's Senior Planning Archaeologist - Mike Ings.








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