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If you would like to make an enquiry of the Historic Environment Record, you can do so online using the form below.

Please fill in the relevant fields in this form giving as much detail as possible to help us deal with your enquiry and click on submit.

Public and academic enquiries are free.

NB: Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) Standards and Guidance require that the Specification (to include the search area) for archaeological work has been agreed with the Local Planning Archaeologist in advance of its commencement.

Please note that there is a charge of £60 plus VAT per hour for commercial enquiries.


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By submitting the enquiry form you agree that you have read the
'Guidelines for Access and Charging'



The Data Protection Act (1998)

There is a right to access to the HER to inspect personal information held in the HER enquiries database and on paper. This information is collected for the purposes of administering Welsh Archaeological Trust records and providing archaeological advice. The information will be used to monitor and improve the services offered by the Welsh Archaeological Trusts. It will not be provided to any outside agencies or individuals. If you have a query or concern regarding this please contact the relevant Welsh Archaeological Trust.



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