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Glastir is a whole farm land management scheme open to all farmers and land managers throughout Wales. Glastir pays for the delivery of specific environmental goods and services, including the improved management of historic environment features, traditional farm buildings, historic parks and gardens and historic landscapes, and is designed to deliver measurable outcomes at both a farm and landscape level in a cost effective way.

The schemes objectives are to:

  • Manage soils to help conserve our carbon stocks and reduce soil erosion
  • Improve water quality and reduce surface run off
  • Manage water to help reduce flood risks
  • Conserve and enhance wildlife and biodiversity
  • Manage and protect landscapes and the historic environment
  • Provide new opportunities to improve access and understanding of the countryside


In order that the scheme can protect the heritage of Wales the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts provide Welsh Government with information on the location and extent of known historic environment features on agricultural land. So far DAT have created digital polygons for over 14,600 individual historic environment features recorded in the region's Historic Environment Record. Detailed information and management requirements for individual sites and historic landscapes are also supplied to Welsh Government to inform Glastir agreements with landowners and tenants.

For information and advice regarding the Historic Environment and Glastir contact Huw Pritchard h.pritchard@dyfedarchaeology.org.uk Tel. 01558 825997







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