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Do you want to explore the archaeology and historic environment of your local area? If so, DAT HM can provide information, advice and support on how to go about organising, funding and running a community investigation of your local heritage.

Over the last 40 years Dyfed Archaeological Trust has worked with a variety of communities, groups and individuals, from local councils to history societies. We have helped them to discover and recognise the economic and social potential of their local heritage. Our involvement has included the provision of support and advice on numerous community projects that have helped to understand, present and manage local historic remains. This has been very much a two way process with local groups contributing important new information that has added to our understanding about the region's heritage.

As well as providing free information and advice DAT can work with communities to produce:


• Maps of heritage sites and historic landscapes
• Local heritage talks and presentations
• Community heritage walks and trails
• Education packs
• Local history and heritage leaflets
• Heritage information panels
• Popular history publications
• The provision of heritage information for community websites
• Community history guidebooks
• Exhibition material


DAT Community Archaeology Projects:-

Exploration Tywi A community investigation into the history and development of the Towy valley

CALCH celebrating the lime industry of the Black Mountain

For more information contact Alice Pyper a.pyper@dyfedarchaeology.org.uk Tel. 01558 825993







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