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Dig Diary  2005    


During the summer of 2005, Dyfed Archaeological Trust will be carrying out several important excavations in various parts of southwest Wales. We intend to provide regular updates from all these excavations through our ‘dig diary’. The relevant diary pages will be updated every Tuesday and Friday afternoon between the beginning of June and the middle of August.

Llangynfelyn, Ceredigion (May 31st – June 17th) – this excavation is located on the edge of Cors Fochno (Borth Bog) to the north of Aberystwyth. In June 2004 we excavated part of a timber trackway that crosses the bog from Erglodd, near Talybont to Llangynfelyn. Radiocarbon dates and tree ring dates indicate that this trackway dates to between the 10th and 12th centuries. The southern end of the trackway overlies an extensive area of industrial debris suggesting metal (possibly lead) smelting in the area. Recent radiocarbon dates suggest that this might date back to the Roman period or even earlier.

Llandeilo Roman Fort (June 27th – July 18th) – A geophysical survey undertaken in 2003 discovered the location of a previously unknown Roman fort in Dinefwr Park Llandeilo. The excavation will aim to try and assess the date and the level of preservation of the archaeological remains.

Early Medieval Cemeteries on the Pembrokeshire Coast (July 16th – August 6th) – Dyfed Archaeological Trust and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority will be carrying out trial excavations at two early medieval cemetery sites in southern Pembrokeshire; West Angle Bay and St Bride’s. Both sites are threatened with coastal erosion, but little is known about the nature and extent of cemeteries of this date.

Prehistoric enclosures in southern Ceredigion (July 18th – August 5th) – This excavation and survey will continue the investigation of the group of later prehistoric rectangular enclosures recently discovered from aerial photography in northern Pembrokeshire and southern Ceredigion.

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